What Is Emergency Solar Power?


Solar power is a wonderful and cost-effective source of power back up in case of emergency or power failure. It supplies continuous power in case of urgent need without using any expensive external source. It requires sunlight only to meet the emergency essentials and hence makes a great sense to use in comparison to gas or electric generators. It is completely pollution free and extremely powerful in its action. Neither it emits fumes nor it makes any noise during its operation unlike gas or electric generators.

What Is Emergency Solar Power?


Most of the areas of the country face power failure during winters or summers due to shortage of electricity that can’t be avoided due to present lifestyle of people. Other reasons may include natural or man-made disasters such as hurricanes, ice storms, wildfire or power blackout. Hence, it is required to have an emergency power back-up system to minimize the loss due to power failure in any situation.

The solar generator system includes three main components such as an efficient solar panel, massive ‘generator backup’ and charge controller that are required to work together to produce a sustainable home power plant. It is capable enough to run both DC & AC home appliances such as refrigerator, computer, television, fans and other important devices. It just requires plugging in the things and can be started in a few minutes. It is very easy to handle and can be moved to any location requiring power back up. It is highly required in the remote areas where people are quite often short of power.

What Is Emergency Solar Power?

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It is a lifetime achievement to have emergency solar power in your house. It can be charged continuously in the presence of shining sunlight while it is in use. It generates enough power to meet the power requirements of your house. The power can be stored for future use, especially during night hours and cloudy season. It is quite safe to keep the appliances plugged in permanently and reduce electricity bills.

What Is Emergency Solar Power?

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The efficiency of emergency generator can be increased significantly using three-junction technology in which three layers of semiconductor materials are stacked over one another. The different layers use different light of the spectrum, where one layer is shaded for the other two layers to function properly. Hence, it provides a peace of mind and a feel of safety when the power goes out and connects you to your loved ones through electric devices including Internet. The emergency solar generator is quite affordable and reliable system to provide operating and back up power without using a grid.


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