Top Tips On How To Save On Valentine’s Day Flowers


Picking up flowers for your loved ones especially on a day like Valentine’s Day is not just a gesture these days, but has become more of a tradition. Valentine’s Day flowers that are available in the market are costlier because they levy transportation charges and of course the occasion of Valentine’s Day calls in for huge demand of flowers, which in turn makes the cost of flowers go high due to the demand from customers.

As per a survey conducted by a research institute, it was found that in US alone people spend about 130$ for buying Valentine’s Day flowers. Thus here in this article we bring to you a few tips on how to save on Valentine’s Day Flowers.

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Tip 1: Avoid floral shops and try your local grocery stores instead

Have you ever thought of simply buying Valentine’s Day flowers at the nearest grocery stores instead of the costly floral shops?. Try finding lovely floral bouquets from your local stores at a reasonable cost and since the cost is quite reasonable when compared to floral stores, you can also pick up some Valentine’s Day candy and a card as well at the grocery stores.

Tip 2: Try being unique when it comes to the choice/variety of flowers

Most of them buy roses for their sweetheart. To express your love to your loved one, you need not spend money for buying only roses, instead, you can buy other flowers such as tulips, daisies, lilies, which are pretty appealing and are very much available at a reasonable price. Hence you can drastically save on Valentine’s Day Flowers. You can save your money and yet you can present a wonderful bouquet to your sweetheart. Show your true character, be the new Shakespeare, invent your own flower that means more than Shakespeare’s rose

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Tip 3: Try buying flowers at the warehouse stores directly

Usually, at warehouse stores, the flowers are available at a reasonable price. They sell Valentine’s Day Flowers at a low-cost because; they do not charge transportation costs. The flowers may be slightly blemished; however, you can remove those petals and retain the fresh petals. Hence, by doing so, you can save on Valentine’s Day flowers.

Tip 4: Check out for stores that offer Valentine’s Day flowers at discounted rates

You can search for the stores or Valentine’s Day flowers dealers who sell Valentine’s Day Flowers at discount or provide free gift offers. Try researching online and find the nearest dealer in your locality who offers you the same at a reasonable price.

Top Tips On How To Save On Valentine's Day Flowers2

Tip 5: Add a personal touch by creating your own flower bouquet

You can buy flowers from the grocery or warehouse stores and create a flower bouquet using your creative skills. Alternatively, you can collect flowers that are available in your garden and prepare a bouquet using these flowers.  Thus, by doing so, you can drastically save on Valentine’s Day flowers.  If you want to get the bouquet done from others, you incur expenses. Hence, you can design a bouquet independently using your creative skills and not only save on Valentine’s Day flowers but also add a personal touch in gifting your loved one.

You need not spend more money to buy a bouquet and present it to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. All that your loved one would expect from you on a romantic day like this will be a beautiful floral bouquet that is designed with lots and lots of love.

We wish all our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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