Top 5 Tips For Preventing Underarm Razor Burn


Usually if you use a razor for removing the hair follicles, then you would definitely experience a razor burn for some time. Many people prefer shaving the underarm area for removing the hair follicles. A person can easily and quickly remove the hair follicles from the underarm area using a razor, instead of using painful methods such as hot or cold wax or epilators. As the underarm area is quite sensitive and delicate, using a razor to shave off the underarm area is one of the most popular methods preferred by many women.

A person often feels irritated after shaving, while the person who has used shaving cream experiences many problems such as irritation, bruises, rashes and other forms of problems. How to prevent such burns after using a razor to shave your underarm area? The following steps will help you with this million-dollar puzzle: 

Tips For Preventing Underarm Razor Burn2

  • Shave during nighttime: Usually if you shave during the morning time, you apply deodorants before leaving to your office. Thus, when you sweat, you experience more irritation. Hence, shaving your underarm during nighttime is ideal. Apply a mild shaving cream during the shaving process. By morning, the razor burn has already healed and you do not experience much irritation, and may continue to apply a mild deodorant during the morning.
  •  No shower bath after shaving: When you are shaving your underarm area, ensure not to have a shower bath at the same time. After shaving, when you have shower bath, you end up feeling more irritated and your underarm skin swells and hence you experience more irritation. Always ensure to have a shower bath almost an hour after shaving the underarm area. After shaving the underarm area, you are bound to feel irritation to some extent. Nevertheless, if you apply something hot, then the irritation becomes more severe. Giving a time gap of an hour between your shower time and shaving time should ease the razor burn issue. Alternatively, you can have a shower bath and then shave your underarms in order to avoid the razor burn.Tips For Preventing Underarm Razor Burn1
  • You can use methods such as electrolysis: Laser treatment are quite popular too when it comes to avoiding underarm burns, because you can remove your hair follicles in 2-3 sessions and hence, you need not use razor ever again and experience irritation every time. If you undergo electrolysis treatment, then the hair follicles are permanently removed and the hair follicles from the underarm area are permanently destroyed. Although, you may have to spend $100 for every session of hair removal.
  • Follow proper directions when shaving: The hair in your underarm area does not grow in one particular direction, which makes it complicated. Thus, shaving in a “T fashion” should help you. When you shave in the underarm area in a ‘T’ fashion, the hair follicles can be removed quickly and you experience lesser pain and irritation. Starting from the top, move slowly to shave down through the middle of your underarm. You may then diagonally shave across the whole underarm from one side to another.

 Tips For Preventing Underarm Razor Burn3

  • Read the ingredients of your shaving cream before using it: Different shaving creams consist of different ingredients. No two people have the same skin. Hence, you must use a shaving cream that suits your skin texture. If you are constantly experiencing skin irritation or the underarm area is infected, then preferably stop using the current shaving cream and try using a milder one. A few shaving cream products consist of alcohol and hence a person who has a sensitive skin may experience more irritation. Thus, it is important that people with sensitive skin should avoid using shaving creams that consist of alcohol as one of its ingredient. If you are still experiencing irritation after using the shaving cream in your underarm area, then you must try using a cold cream that shall soothe and keep your underarm area cool from any burns.


  • Never shave your underarm when they are dry, as this might cause skin irritation.
  • Do not use razors with multiple blades when shaving your underarms.

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