Taking a Look At Jeep Lanyard


Lanyard is a loop of rope or straps, which comes with an ice ax, ice tool or other specific sports equipment. In case of mountaineering ice ax strap can have multiple mounting options, one of which involves the free movement along the handle Strap between beak and a special delimiter. In addition to main task – to prevent ice ax to fall out of your hands Strap ice ax can also be used as a hedge (jeep lanyard).

In light saber assault at strap allowed the soldier to drop the weapon to avoid excessive shock resulting speed on the body and especially on arm. The sword then flew back and forth to die in back and neck jumper. For this reason, helmets were equipped with a ponytail set in crest to ward off the blows.

Straps gun outside to avoid possible loss of weapon, may also contribute to stability. In British Army and the armies of Commonwealth, straps were part of uniform, and wore color patterns indicative skill or regiment of wearer. By extension, we can speak of wrist (or neck) for other objects tool, ski pole, cane, clock, camera, mobile phone, digital music player, USB flash drive, keychain.

Application, Anti-static wrist straps wherever electrostatic discharges are harmful, for example, in assembly of printed circuit boards with electronic components or the assembly of complete assemblies. Likewise, at the dis- / assembly of a computer or other devices with highly integrated circuits should be worn a wrist band.

Nowadays, only serves to maintain trousers, jeans and other clothing items legs almost lost its original purpose – worn over a caftan or other outerwear. Traditional use of belt retained Armed Forces of Russian Federation, as part of uniforms (uniforms) are dress belt, waist belt (in equipment), trouser belt. Belt eventually supplanted the traditional belt, which covered the waist at least 3 times and had no buckles (fastened on the site, or fastened with buttons).

The length, in Italy in accordance with military regulations on use of uniform, is 30 cm. In Italian armed forces is used by category of non-commissioned officers, except the sergeants and officers. In Police and other police forces is also used for the troops and for agents. Alberto Guglielmotti, marine and military vocabulary, Rome, Voghera Charles typographer, 1889.

At one end of belt is generally metal buckle through which the other end of strap is inserted. The belt has a series of equally spaced holes, in which the prong of buckle is inserted to secure it. The disparity of holes allow a belt to serve people of different sizes and, if not find the right hole, you can go to a shoemaker you make a hole to size.

Strap widely used with knightly times (XIV-XV century). As indicated in ESBE in many European languages was called shoulder strap strap, whence went the terms “sword belt-cadet” and “sword belt, Ensign.” The Imperial Army Strap determined (20/01/1871) as a belt, folded into a loop with a brush, to fix (tying) covers from simple banners and standards and for the difference – black leather infantry officer sample and St. George in St. George regalia.

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