Privacy Policy

We at DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) understand the importance of “Your Privacy”. Consequently, we have customized our Privacy Policy in order to help you in understanding:

  • how we collect information
  • make use of information collected
  • communicate with the information collection
  • make use of personal information collected

The following sketches out our Privacy Policy:

During your visit to our website, or whenever you access our website, we will find out certain information relating to you. Our website server uses the standard “cookies technology” for collecting information relating to how and what was accessed by you during your visit to our site. The information collected here may include the pages visited by you, login  time and date, amount of time spent on viewing our content, websites that were visited by you before/after browsing our site and lastly your IP address.

What Are Cookies?

“Cookies” are minute text documents that commonly consist of unidentified/unspecified exclusive identifiers. When you login to view a webpage, that particular website’s server requests your PC for consent to store up this file in a component of your hard-drive distinctively chosen for cookies. Each webpage/web-browser can send its own cookies to your browser, only if your PC’s browser permits it, however (to guard your privacy) your web browser only allows a webpage/site the right of admittance only to the “cookies folder” that it has previously sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites.

IP Addresses:

Everytime you use your PC to connect to internet, IP address is what you computer makes use of. Every computer has a unique IP address and so does yours. The web server automatically collects IP address of every computer/user who logins to a website in order to understand the “traffic”, profile and demographic location of those who visit a particular webpage/s.

E-mail Data Collected:

If you prefer to communicate with us via e-mails, we may maintain the information of your e-mail communications (your e-mail address and our responses). We offer the same protections for these electronic communications that we make use of in the protection of data received online, via phone and e-mails.

How Do We Make Use of the Information That You Give Us:

Generally speaking, DI Networks makes use of personal data that is collect only for monitoring activities relating to our business, to offer better customer service and lastly to make our services available to the current and prospective customers. We will not be transferring any of your information to third party sites or unaffiliated parties without obtaining your prior approval for the same. However, when legally compelled to disclose information, by any commandment of law, or for the protection of our legal rights, we may intend to disclose the same in good faith.

A Special Note On The Subject Of Children:

We do not entitle children to use our services or website and we do not collect any personal information from minors (children under the age of thirteen). Our policy strictly does ensure that “no personal information” is collected from minors. Only minors who obtain their parents/guardians guidance/permission can use our website only in their conjunction.

Guarding Secure Information Transmissions and Your Information:

Firstly, you must understand that e-mail is not acknowledged as a safe and sound communication medium of communication. Thus, bearing this reason in mind, we appeal that you do not give/send us any confidential information via e-mail. Nevertheless, doing so is permissible, but only “at your own risk”.

Some of the data entered by you on our webpage/site may be passed on securely via a communication medium that is and commonly known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).  Please note that we would never transmit any of your credit card information via e-mails.

For the purpose of evaluating the number of visitors’ visiting our website/page, which particular/different sections you visit the most, what information most and least catches your interest, to determine the technical specifications and designs of our website, and discovering system problems/performance issues or other problems, DI Networks may employ software programs to create summary statistics.

For the purpose of ensuring that our service is available to all users and most importantly for website security reasons, we make use of software programs that constantly keep an eye on the network traffic in order to spot illegal attempts to change/upload data, or else cause other issues.

Policy Changes:

DI Networks reserves the right to revise this “Privacy Policy” at any time with/without prior notice. Nevertheless, please be certain that if this Privacy Policy is revised in the future, we will not make use of any of your personal data/information submitted by you under the current “Privacy Policy without obtaining your prior approval for using the same.

We are dedicated to carry out our business in harmony with these regulations in order to guarantee that the discretion/privacy of personal information handed out to us is maintained and well protected.

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