Other Policies And Disclaimers


DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) forbids the use of our services, and/or our website in any mode linked with the delivery, distribution, or transmission of any SPAM (unsolicited commercial/bulk e-mail). In other words, DI Networks strongly prohibits anyone from sending any SPAM mails as part of DI Networks services, and/or website as a whole. We do not support anyone who wishes to cause/deliver SPAM to our clients/customers/audiences/readers/fans/subscribers in the name of DI Networks.

In agreement with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (15 U.S.C. 7701, et seq., Public Law No. 108-187, was S.877 of the 108th United States Congress), email that is caused/sent, to/through the DI Networks website/service may not include/use the following as mentioned below:

  • Forged/invalid headers
  • Non-existent/invalid domain names
  • Any modus operandi to otherwise obscure/misrepresent/hide any data in classifying the communication trail
  • The internet domain name of a third party/be relayed from/through a third party’s equipment, without obtaining the prior permission of the third party
  • Misleading/falsified content in the subject line
  • Violate the Terms of Use

DI Networks does not consent compiling/gathering/mining of any data/e-mail addresses through/from our website/services; nor do we approve/allow any third party to use our website/services to gather/accumulate/get hold of any details relating to our subscribers/customers, which includes (but does not limit to) e-mail addresses of our subscribers/customers.

DI Networks does not approve/allow any undertaking/s to exercise our services in any mode, which would harm/hinder/oblige/weaken any feature of any of the services of DI Networks, or which could hinder any third party from enjoying/ employing any services of DI Networks.

If DI Networks believes/finds out about any inappropriate/unlawful use of the website/services, we may, without notice, take action, as it, in its one and only discretion, reckons proper, which includes blocking messages from the particular IP address/mail server/internet domain from which such inappropriate e-mails have been sent from. DI Networks may instantaneously cease any account on any service, where we find out, in our sole discretion, is connected/transmits with any e-mail that breaches our ANTI-SPAM POLICY.

As per this policy, no right is granted to any third party to send out email/s through DI Networks website/services. Non-compliance of this policy in all occurrences does not lead to the waiver of the rights of DI Networks.

Use of any of DI Networks services in an unofficial manner, in association with the communication of such unsolicited e-mail/e-mail that breaches DI Networks anti-spam policy, may lead to organizational/unlawful/communal penalties against the sender/those who aid the sender in distributing such e-mails.

All those who violate the CAN SPAM Act shall be subject to “cease and discontinue” penalties/orders from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of up to $11,000 for each violation. Criminal prosecution is also possible in the case of egregious offenders that shall lead to penalties, which include forfeiture of equipment and proceeds and fines. You may also note that the worst offenders may also be subjected to prison time.


DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) ensures that all mails sent out from our end are in accordance with the CAN-SPAM Act and shall clearly state the receiver’s e-mail address (in order to know who the actual receiver of the email is). Apart from this, we shall ensure that every e-mail has a “choice/opt-out” option for unsubscribing from our mailing list, once the same is opted by the receiver; we assure you that you shall be removed from our subscription list within 24 hours.


DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) offers its subscribers with “choice/opt-out” option for unsubscribing from our mailing list, if they wish to no longer receive e-mails about our website/services. Once the same is opted by the subscriber; we assure you that you shall be removed from our subscription list within 24 hours. For further queries relating to choice/opt-out option you may contact us any time.


We at DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) value the rights of IP (Intellectual Property) owners. If you think one of your works (copyrighted works) has been copied and is accessible on our website (in a way that constitutes breach in copyright law), you may contact/notify our copyright agent immediately, as per 1998’s DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Notice. Please note that you will have to provide the following information when claiming for breach in copyright law by our website:

  • An electronic/physical signature of an authorized person to take action/act on behalf of the actual copyright owner
  • Classification/Identification of the copyrighted work that has been claimed to have breached the Copyright Law
  • Precise information that is adequate enough to authorize the service provider to contact the complaining party, such as telephone number, physical/electronic mail address
  • A form/statement from the complaining party that they believe the material complained to have violated the copyright law is not authorized by either the actual copyright owner/agent/law
  • A form/statement explaining that the “data/information contained in the notice is true” and “ under the consequence of false swearing, the complaining party is certified to take action on behalf of the actual owner of a selected right, which is supposedly breached”

All the above-mentioned information must be submitted in writing and e-mailed/faxed to the following:

Copyright Agent 

DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) would like to caution you that under the federal law, if you deliberately falsify online data/information, then this shall be considered as “infringement”, wherein you shall be subjected to severe civil penalties. Penalties include attorney’s fees, costs of court, monetary damages and other damages and costs incurred by us, by any copyright owner/owner’s licensee, which is injured as a consequence of DI Networks dependent upon your false depiction. Apart from this, you may also be subjected to criminal action for false swearing.

The above-mentioned information must not be interpreted as legal recommendation, for more information on the data/information necessary for valid DMCA notice, please refer 17 U.S.C. 512(c) (3).


DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) is devoted towards not disclosing your e-mail addresses to third parties. We assure you that we do not lease/rent/sell the list of our subscribers to any third parties, nor we would share your personal data with any company/government agency at any time, unless we are obligated to do so by law.

DI Networks shall use your e-mail addresses only to timely offer you information about DI Networks website/services. However, we shall ensure that we will maintain the data/information exchanged between us via e-mails as per the standards of the Federal Law.


Every attempt has been made to precisely make our services/website potential. There is no guarantee, that you shall earn any money using the ideas/techniques as mentioned in this website, when it comes to earnings. Data/Information offered on this website is not to be construed as a guarantee/promise of earnings. The earning potential of an individual is completely reliant on the individual who uses our ideas/products/techniques.


DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) website may enclose external web links to many other websites. We do not have any control over the availability/content/nature of such external webpages/websites. The insertion of any external ads/links does not essentially mean an endorsement/recommendation/guarantee of our views that are expressed over other such external webpages/websites. All efforts are taken by our team of experts to keep our website up and running efficiently.


This website/any webpage relating to DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks) is not intended to, and does not, offer medical guidance/advice. All content, (wherein “content” includes data/information, images, information, and graphics) which are offered on/through our website/webpages are for common information purposes only.

No data/content available on DI Networks website is proposed as an alternate for any professional medical treatment, diagnosis, or guidance. Do not ignore/delay in seeking any professional medical counsel because of something which you have read on our website, nor rely on data/information offered on our website and postpone in seeking professional medical help.

DI Networks is not liable/responsible for any course of treatment/advice/diagnosis/any other data/ information/services/products, which you get hold of through our website. We encourage you to discuss the information contained on/through this website with your doctor before implementing the same. In other words, we recommend you to carefully review the information shared on this website with a professional health practitioner, before your consider to implement any of it.


All data/information mentioned on this particular website is for general purposes only and is brought to you by DoubleInfinity Networks (commonly known as DI Networks). Despite the fact that, we make an effort to keep all the data/information mentioned on this website precise and up-to-date, we make no representations/guarantees of any sort, express/ implied, about the accessibility, appropriateness, consistency, precision, or totality with respect to the information/related graphics/website/ services/products, enclosed on the DI Networks website for any reason. Any reliance you consign on such data/information is as a result, firmly at your individual risk.

In no event will DI Networks will be legally responsible for any damage/loss including without significant damage/loss, or indirect/restriction, or any damage/loss, or profits or losses that arises from the data, or  in association with, the utilization of this website. Please note that through this webpage/website, you are capable of linking to other webpages/websites that are not under the consideration of DI Networks. We do not have any control over the availability/content/nature of such webpages/websites. The insertion of any external ads/links does not essentially mean an endorsement/recommendation of our views that are expressed over other such external webpages/websites. All efforts are taken by our team of experts to keep our website up and running efficiently. DI Networks does not take any accountability for, and will not be legally accountable for, the website being momentarily not available due to technical reasons that are way beyond our control.