My Dad Is The Best!


My father is a good leader, teacher, provider and comedian (mostly amateur) – no wonder most of my friends envy me. I have had the opportunity of growing up with my dad, who is a loving and active single parent, with my mom being deceased.

Like most fathers, my dad never stayed along with us at home but used to travel a lot due to his work. Although, we did have many memorable quality times shared together with him. The real need for him in my life became evident in my mid-thirties. With me being married and having tiffs with my spouse, not having my dad around for guidance had been very hard. I would have never believed that I had a chance to make it right when it came to my relationship with my spouse, had it not been for my dad’s love, patience, and guidance.

Today, age has taken a toll on his health, and he is no more the active person that he used to be five years ago. I have planned on gifting him a year-long subscription to the nearest private yoga sessions to help him live through his senior years. I have been an ardent yoga junkie since my accident last year where I hurt my hip and tailbone. Thanks to the encouragement from my yoga teacher and dad, I am doing much better without any surgery. Thus, this Father’s Day, I thought, why waste more time, instead gift the best gift that brought peace, harmony and health in my life – yoga, to the best man in my life – my dad.


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