Important Facts about Solar Power


Solar power is the renewable source of energy. The sun transmits more than enough energy in the form of heat rays to satisfy our global needs. The only thing is to harness this energy and utilize for various purposes. The most interesting fact about this energy is that it is non-polluting in nature and can be used in place of exhaustible fuel resources. It can be used either in the form of heat energy or can be converted into electricity using photovoltaic cells.

Various power plants are employed to focus sun’s energy as a source of heat. This heat can then be used to boil water to run steam turbine that generates electricity. Harnessing large amount of solar energy employing power plants on a large-scale can provide sufficient power to cities as well as village areas.

Installing power plants on the roof of the building would be able to produce enough power for that building. Heat absorbing material placed on the floor or wall facing the sunlight allows the sunlight to fall on it and produces heat. This heat can be used to run a generator that fulfills the energy needs of the people in that building. It saves money and makes the people independent of municipal utility. It is not necessary to connect a solar power unit to the power company grid.

Sun’s energy can also be stored for future use, as it cannot be harnessed during night hours or in a windy reason. Sunlight storage cells or batteries have receiver sites that collect the sun’s heat and can be used anytime to produce power. Although, solar technology requires a large open area to effectively harness energy in good amount, but the correct time and proper angle of sunlight makes it feasible to collect the sun’s energy in small places also, though in small amount. The important point is that once the sunlight-collecting array is installed, it will keep on producing energy with minimal cost and hence power can be utilized at negligible rates.

Solar power plants can be installed in remote areas where people are generally short of electricity. It is a scalable source of energy. The greater the number of power plants installed, larger the amount of energy can be harnessed. It is inexhaustible and non-polluting source of energy and can be used to run automobiles and even for the air travel purpose. Hence, it provides a great source of renewable energy and can be used for commercialization purpose.


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