Essential Ingredients In Making An Arizona Dry Rub


Cooking is one of the most enjoyed hobby all over the world. It enables someone to experiment different kinds of cooking styles that will yield them foods that are worth trying for. It is difficult for some to start learning how to cook but it can also be very fun and easy.

You need not be a professional chef to start your love for cooking. If cooking is your passion then go for it. Nothing great does not start from small beginnings so with a little practice, what seems to be an impossible job for you will go easy. You can start by preparing easy dish with the help of an Arizona dry rub. It is very easy to use and without any hassle, it can spice up any dish.

Dry rubs are basically a mixture of different spices. It is mainly use for dishes like barbecue and steaks but it is adaptable to other kinds of dish. More and more people enjoyed using it because it is a quick alternative from a liquid marinade. Every rub has its own personal taste because there is no universal recipe in making one. That means every cook can vary its taste according to his or her preference.

It is one of the newly distributed food mixtures nowadays. Its demand on the market continues to upsurge because of the wonders it does to every cook. If it happens that you cannot find one on your local grocery store, do not worry because you can easily make one. It would not cost you a lot so you only have to get the right ingredients.

Ingredients in making the mixture may vary. There are those that are considered as the basics because a dry rub would not be complete without them. All mixtures contain salt and sugar. Salt acts as the main source of flavor while sugar is necessary in giving your dish a lovely crust once cooked. You may use different kinds of salt and sugar. The only thing to have to think about is its ratio. Beef and fish requires more salt, while pork tastes great with more sugar.

Dry rubs, especially those that are spicy needs to have a well balanced flavor. In that case, you need to add pepper as your ingredients. If you want the heat mild and easy, use a white pepper. But if you prefer something that has a stronger flavor, black pepper is the best for you. If you want to go extreme on the hotness and flavor of your mixture, ground red pepper will do the trick.

To unite the flavor of your rub, you will need transition spices. Transition spices are not part of the main ingredients but they are essential to attain a flavorful taste. You do not have to measure these spices. You may add as little or as more as you want.

Many dry rubs include paprika and turmeric powders. Both powders will add pungent aroma and bright colors to your dish making it look more appetizing. Less common ingredients like crushed garlic and oil are used to create paste like texture.

Preparing your dry rub is extremely easy. What you need to do is to mix all ingredients together. After rubbing mixture all over your meat, keep it in a refrigerator before cooking it. You can use your mixture anytime you want because they are free from any artificial preservatives. Just remember to use all of them within two to three months to keep it fresh.

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