Differences between Religious and Spiritual Romance Novels


When it comes to religion and spirituality, it is often a fine line that separates the two. Spiritual romance novels often blend aspects of different religions into various titles. Whereas, in Christian based novels, the characters are generally Christian and the church often plays a rather active role in the story line.

While the word spiritual often does not only relate to religious matters, in this case most of the publications mentioned are of a Christian nature. For all of time itself, Christianity and Spirituality have remained separate and apart. This is not to say that Christianity is not spiritual, or that being spiritual makes one a Christian. When it comes to locating a spiritual novel on the web, it becomes clear quite quickly that most authors creating such works are in fact, Christians.

Many titles related to Christianity and spirituality are non-fiction, though some also include allegorical tales. So, what are some of the best of these titles on the market today? The Celestine Prophecy by Redfield, published 1993 is a good reference for Christian novels. A number of novels based in the Christian faith can be found as free e-books online.

Books like The Way of The Peaceful Warrior, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Busting Loose From The Money Game, The Celestine Prophecy are good examples of these type books. The Secret, is an interesting take on success in life through spirituality. Clearly, none of these are entirely fiction, or non-fiction yet most are quite popular in spiritual discussion groups and other realms.

All of these and other titles look into different religious beliefs and pathways while taking the reader on a journey of the soul. In some cases, its as if the book is a time machine which can be set to past, present or future. Depending on the individual’s past experience, some titles may be more inviting than others.

Just one more reason why having an open mind when reading publications in any genre is a good idea. For the most part, readers do not try and find out personal information related to an author, readers just read and enjoy the story regardless of differences between the story and real life. While this is the case, should a title try to force an individual into any belief system, then it is often good to stop reading and start soul searching before following suit.

Books have been a great escape since the first hit the market many moons ago. While some may have religious tones, others are focused on the sensual and spiritual aspects of marriage and relationship. Others still focus on issues within the nuclear family and can often hold a lot of drama depending on the age of the children included in the storyline.

Regardless, whether looking for a time consuming romance novel, or information related to different paths, there are a number of free e-copies online. Knowing the author of a specific title can help in a search, or searching on Christian based romance novels will most likely pull up several links of interest. Once the links to different e-books or websites appears, click on any books of interest, read and enjoy.

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