If you follow this very simple technique you will become a genius. Period. I’m not messing around this is the real deal.
I don’t care how old you are- if you are 5 years old this will work. If you are 92 years old it will work as well.
Your current intelligence level also doesn’t matter. If you are crazy stupid it will work, if you are already very smart it will work just as well.
Experience new experiences as much as humanly possible.
That’s the one and only rule. That’s it. You are done.
Your brain is the most wonderful creation in the universe. Our human brain is something exceptional and bizarre. Our frontal cortex is so unbelievably large in comparison to any other animal that it makes me wonder why many religions talk about the creation of Men in the image of God.
Our bodies… are mediocre at best.  They are an amazing machine don’t get me wrong.. but many other animals possess much more impressive body characteristics than us.
When you experience NEW experiences your brain is in hyper drive. It creates NEW electrical connections and becomes even more complex and amazing than it already is.
Just make sure you remember what learning is while you are doing it.
Learning = Experiencing new experiences = Download + Process
Examples of “Download” = Reading, Hearing some other person speak, Viewing a new place, Watching a movie, Tasting a new taste, Smelling a new smell, Reading this answer right now.
Examples of “Process” = Thinking about what happened today, sleeping, Discussing your life with other people, talking to yourself, pausing for a moment while reading my answer and hearing your inner voice discuss your opinions up till now.
Interesting points to consider:
– Most people just process in their sleep. If you want to become smarter faster get used to processing while you are awake using the techniques I have written as examples of “Process”.
– Older people usually have much more experiences than younger people. Because they have lived longer, they had more time to accumulate experiences.  That’s why it’s important to listen to your elders- they are usually pretty smart.
– Travel in order to become smarter ! Traveling to a new place is a 100% guarantee to have many new experiences.
– People with routine and boring lives don’t have many new experiences. They wake up every day and experience the same old experiences again and again. They are cheating themselves. They don’t celebrate the amazing gift they have inside their heads.
– You don’t have to be rich in order to have many new experiences. For example, every day talk to random new people on the street. Or go to a random new place to eat. Or change the route of your driving to work. Or read a new book. Or follow a blog. Or research something online.
– You don’t have to be an extrovert, reading many new books or seeing many new movies is a great way to experience new experiences.
– You don’t have to be an introvert, meeting many new people and talking to them and LISTENING to what they have to say is a great way to experience new experiences. If you just chitchat and have the same conversation over and over again that’s obviously not good enough.
– How many exotic experiences does a homeless person have? The poorer a person is and the weirder a person is and the more struggle a person had in his life the smarter he is.
– Too much “Downloading” without enough “Processing”- you will be overwhelmed and forget 90% of what you have learnt a day later. Too much “Processing” without enough “Downloading”- you will be wasting your time by over-thinking. It’s important to find your own personal balance.
– Our society taught us that people that have many new experiences in one area (for example reading many articles about science) are “smarter” or generally better than people which had many new experiences in another area (for example, seeing many different drama movies). Don’t listen to this nonsense. This is just our society judging us and setting some arbitrary norms that shouldn’t exist and that change over time. Experience what YOU love and enjoy to experience- not what someone else thinks you should!
– I talked a lot about passively consuming other people’s creations. But it should go without saying that creating NEW creations, is probably the best way to experience new experiences.
– Every new person in your life is an opportunity for you to learn something new. Experience her exotic experiences in your head by listening to her stories, her struggles, her loses, her wins. For every new person you meet ask yourself- what is the learning opportunity this person is here to bring me?
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