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Tutoring is a formative relationship between a teacher, tutor, and a learner, a person (or a small group of people) in learning. It differs from traditional education involving teachers and students with a flexible and individualized training. The tutor does not necessarily have all the knowledge that learner needs to master the end of his training because his role is not to provide answers to problems but to guide learning (MCAT tutoring).

Teaching applies in different contexts in which the tutor may have different statutes. A company tutor will generally have a legal status subject to strict regulations (which vary depending on the country), while the role of tutor in school may be made by any teacher or even student. In context of education, teaching can be defined as a form of individualized support that aims to bring out the context of class, a personalized study aid. In addition to this broad definition, it can take many aspects, such as it is for a single student or group of students. The tutor is a teacher or another student (in latter case, it is called “peer teaching”.

Teaching phenomenon closely linked with the history of European universities and comes from the UK. He took shape around the XIV century in classic English universities – Oxford and a little later – in Cambridge. Since that time, under the teaching understand current form university mentoring.

While the university was a brotherhood, professing the same values, the same language and to recognize some scientific authorities. Students from certain colleges could be listeners lectures of professors from other colleges. Each professor read and commented on my book. The student had to decide what professors and what subjects he will listen.

In Britain, young citizens of Punjab are introduced to English by Native Greater London. All these initiatives aim to promote the integration of ethnic minorities and thus, prevent inter-ethnic social crises. Tutors, with greater flexibility than teachers (subject to specific rules and standards) are better placed to achieve these ends. Facilitate: interventions – verbal and nonverbal – to create a positive work environment in groups circulating speech, encourage the facilitator’s role, give positive feedback when the group works well. Diagnosis: observer before working on the three previous records to understand group dynamics and challenges in progress and then fine-tune its operations.

For Comenius, understanding through practice. It considers that conventional education system is inadequate, and that only the application allows the child to make the transition from student to master. It is in 1798 that Switzerland plans the construction of school Stans, a school for war orphans and disadvantaged children.

This is to cope with a lack of equipment and training personnel there apply the education model he developed in his work Leonard and Gertrude (published in three parts from 1781-1787). This model, inspired by the ideas of Comenius, is based on a system of mutual aid among students in form of teaching.

It was under the old regime can be seen in France teaching be put into practice. Indeed it is applied in serving disadvantaged children as to overcome economic problems by teaching schools. Mention may be made especially of Charity Schools, the Institute of Brothers of Christian Schools, founded by Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, or the Maison royale de Saint-Louis, founded by Madame de Maintenon in 1686. The role mentoring is essential.

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