All About Anti-Valentine’s Day


Many people enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day and they think that the celebration is meaningful, whereas many others do not appreciate the celebration. Different people have different perspectives and ideas about Valentine’s Day and Anti-Valentine’s Day. Some people think that love should not be expressed so openly and over-exposure only leads to nudity, whereas others find it real cute to have a day to explicitly convey their love to their loved ones.

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Anti-Valentine’s Day was introduced online because some of the bloggers and web designers produced pages that consisted of adverse side of the celebration. In this way, many people began to oppose Valentine’s Day as people portray to the public, superficial romance. Anti-Valentine’s Day is also known as ‘Anti-Romance Day’. Thus, the concept of Anti-Valentine’s Day spread very rapidly.

Different types of people celebrate ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day in different ways. Singles celebrate   Anti-Valentine’s Day by revealing to the public that they are not inferior, even though they are not in a relationship. The people with anti-consumerism feeling also strongly oppose the celebration because they think that people commercialize love way too much. People who support Anti-Valentine’s Day feel that the ones who celebrate Valentine’s Day’ buy and sell objects such as cards, flowers, candies, bouquets, etc., to win the love over their loved ones and they think that love should not be bought and sold.

Anti-Valentine’s Day was introduced because the people who were proposed by somebody on Valentine’s Day were pressurized to agree with the person who proposed them because they received bulky gifts from them. According to Anti-Valentine’s Day followers, this is not love, but just forcing love via gifts.

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On Valentine’s Day, people spend recklessly. Hence the concept of Anti-Valentine’s was introduced to discourage unnecessary expenditure. Thus the concept of Anti-Valentine’s Day is becoming more widespread and popular. Anti-Valentine’s Day parties are way too noiseless and do not brag the concept way too much that what is necessary, like a regular Valentine’s Day.

Many companies that manufacture greeting cards or clothes introduce their label as ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day movement’. Many online sites such as CafePress and many others sell items such as t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc., with the inscription of words like ‘Anti-Valentine’s. Hence, the people who support anti-consumerism happily buy such products. Therefore, such people only support those companies and firms that oppose the consumerism policy. The concept of Anti-Valentine’s is widespread throughout the world today and many people have happily accepted it.

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Today, not many people encourage celebrations such as Valentine’s Day because they say that love should not be expressed by materialism or publicly. The singles feel lonely on this day. People are commercializing the concept of love.  Hence, many companies and people are introducing the concept of Anti-Valentine’s Day to discourage commercialization of love. They undertake different strategies to oppose Valentine’s Day such as manufacturing clothes with the labels of Anti-Valentines and selling it.


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